8 september 2019

⁠11 years ago I lost my heart to India. But if someone asks me: “Do I have to go there?” I don’t have a answer.⁠

I would explain why.⁠
⁠It is my home away from home. India is everything at the same time; Beautiful and ugly, overwhelming and intimate, the tastiest scents in combination with the dirty ones, I think you get the point.⁠

Before I left I was curious how I would respond to the environment. Everyone in my area had warned me about the big difference, the culture shock.⁠

And then I suddenly arrived at the airport in Bangalore. Search for a taxi, found it and go for another 3.5 hours to Mysore. I looked at myself through the window and I had the feeling of being home.⁠ As a child, full of wonder, I absorbed everything.⁠

“I can’t tell you, you have to experience it.⁠⁠
You love India or you don’t.⁠
I always want to go back, but you have to experience India to know.”


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